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Hutchison Kinrot seeks innovative ideas that exhibit great potential in applications across the spectrum of Water technologies, Cleantech, AgTech and the Internet of Things

We offer a professional platform that includes financing, sector expertise and hands-on support, for developing and commercializing innovations

Hutchison Kinrot is a global leader seed investor in water and Cleantech related technologies, owned by Hutchison Water, which is supported by CK Hutchison Holdings Limited ("CK Hutchison"). CK Hutchison owns substantial holdings in businesses across a number of industries, including port operation and development, telecommunication, energy, retail and infrastructure (energy, water, transportation and waste management). Hutchison Kinrot holds a diverse portfolio of early stage companies, providing a unique platform for the development and commercialization of clean technologies, agricultural technologies and the Internet of Things, with unmatched access to international markets. It is led by a professional and highly experienced team who has navigated the unpredictable seas of water, Cleantech and Internet of Things investments and can provide real and substantial support to entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas.

Personal Touch, Global Outreach

We partner with our portfolio companies to help them realize their potential and turn an idea into a real product and a successful company. Each company receives on-going technical, business and strategic support, tailor-made for its unique needs, benefiting from CK Hutchison's vast resources and access to international markets.