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Hutchison Kinrot invests in ventures that have the potential to generate both a suitable financial return, as well as a sustainable and measurable environmental and social impact.

We offer a unique Incubation platform providing technology, lab services, strategic, business, financial & accounting support with strong Industry expertise within the Clean-tech related sectors

Hutchison Kinrot is a global, leading seed investor in Clean-tech related technologies and the operator of a technology incubator in central Israel, under a franchise from the Israeli Innovation Authority.

Hutchison Kinrot was acquired at the end of 2012 by Hutchison Water which is supported by global conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. CK Hutchison has five core businesses: Ports and related services, Retail, Infrastructure, Energy and Telecommunications.
Hutchison Kinrot provides a unique platform for developing and commercializing Clean-tech, Ag-Tech, Water and Advanced Materials related innovations. With unparalleled access to international markets, the Incubator enables promising early-stage companies to gain access to the highest levels of strategy, business, financial, operational and technical expertise.