Ayelet Steinberg

Ayelet is in charge of the general management of Hutchison Kinrot.

As such, she notably:
– Monitors & connects the different managerial and operational functions of the Incubator.
– Ensures the suitable implementation of the multidisciplinary support provided to our portfolio companies: R&D, Finance and Business Development.
–  Serves as Board of Directors Member of all portfolio companies, thus contributing to their overall success.
– Acts as the primary business interface vis-a-vis Hutchison Water.

Ayelet brings over 20 years of global experience within the following main fields:

–  General and Financial Management, Business Development and Board of Directors Membership at private, public & governmental companies.
Business & Strategy Mentoring, as well as Corporate Finance Advisory.
Investments & Incubation of startups.

Ayelet has developed strong expertise notably in the following sectors: IT, Telecoms, CyberSecurity, AgTech, Life Sciences and Cleantech related industries.

Prior to Hutchison Kinrot, she worked at the following firms: Cellebrite (where she was directly involved in the process of growing the company from 8 employees to a global company with over 400 employees), the BRM Group (including financial reporting & incubation activities), as well a run an independent activity of consulting and mentorship for numerous startups.

Ayelet holds a BA in Economics & Accounting, as well as a MBA (with honors), both from the Hebrew University. She is also a CPA.

Ayelet speaks English and Hebrew.