Noam Taichler

Noam Taichler heads the Accounting & Finance related endeavors of Hutchison Kinrot.

As such, he is in charge of:

– Evaluating the financial, accounting & tax aspects of any investment opportunity as part of the deal-flow screening process.
– Accounting, financial and budgetary activities of the incubator including the reporting activities to Hutchison Water, to CK Hutchison Hutchison Holdings Limited, Tax & Social Authorities, as well as to the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA).
– Ongoing accounting, tax & financial support to our portfolio companies, as well as helping them with regards to their different statutory requirements towards the IIA. Actually acting as CFO of the Portfolio Companies, as well as of some of the graduated companies.
– Specific support to Portfolio Companies with respect to their corporate finance related endeavors.

Noam brings rich experience in the following fields:

–  Financial & Accounting Management
Business Advisory & Business Planning
Transaction Advisory Services, Valuations & Project Financing
Audit, Tax & Regulation

Noam has developed expertise in the main following fields: Energy, Cleantech, Water, Smart Cities, IoT, Banking & Financial Services, Retail.

Prior to Kinrot, Noam worked at the following companies: Israel Petrochemical Enterprises (TASE: PTCH), Deloitte and Ernst & Young.

Noam holds a B.A. in Management, Accounting and Economics, as well as a MBA with honors (specializing in financial management) both from Tel Aviv University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

He speaks English & Hebrew.