Sabine Azoulay

Head of Accounting

Sabine is Head Accountant of Hutchison Kinrot.

As such, she is responsible for:

  • Managing all aspects relating to banks, institutions, budget follow-up and financial audit at both the incubator and the portfolio companies level.
  • Handling the reporting endeavors towards the IIA, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Energy, as well as all financial programs relating to the Portfolio Companies during their Incubation period.
  • Assisting the portfolio companies in obtaining Non-Dilutive funding and numerous grants after their Incubation period.

Prior to joining Hutchison Kinrot, Sabine worked as a financial coordinator at Truphatek Holdings Ltd, where she was head of the accounting department including all foreign subsidiaries.

Prior to that, she worked and specialized in Hi-tech and Biotech companies.

Sabine has a Tax Advisor diploma from the College of Management, a BA from Bar-Ilan University and a MBA from the Academic College of Netanya.

She speaks English, French & Hebrew.